Winter Skin & how to take care of it! (our 5 step guide)

Tis the season to give your skin some extra attention!

Hello gorgeous ladies,

 Are you also looking forward to the festive season? I’ve managed to maintain that childlike anticipation for Christmas as it was always an event that my mother would go out of her way to turn into the perfect day for us. So: “Frank Sinatra, cookie baking and glittery decoration … I am raring to go!” For those of you who don’t know, you may be surprised how festive Mallorca gets around this time of the year with its sparkly street decoration and abundance of Christmas markets. A couple of weeks ago the weather also started to shift which I immediately noticed in my skin’s behavior. So I knew it was time to get started with my winter routines.

It doesn’t take much to give your skin what it needs in the winter but you will find that making those slight adaptations to your skincare routine will make all the difference to prevent unwanted dullness, redness or flakiness.

My 5-step guide on how to look after your skin in the winter (and make it glow for the festive season!).

Our skin is actually quite smart as it constantly tries to balance the outside conditions. In the summer it produces more sebum in an attempt to cool our skin down. In the winter there is less humidity in the air which slows down the cell renewal and causes our outer skin layer to get thicker to protect it from the cold. As Mother Nature doesn’t necessarily agree with our beauty requirements it needs a little support from our side.

1. Humidifiers vs central heating

Whether central heating or the cozy fire place, in the winter the inside-conditions aren’t ideal for our skin either. Humidifiers will counter-balance the dry air inside your home which is not only important for the moisture-loss in our skin but also for our airways as they are more prone to viral infections when dry. You will find this extremely helpful if you have young children. Humidifiers release water vapor to increase the humidity in the air, helping keep things nice and hydrated. The machines come in all shapes and sizes, but are easily classified by their emission of either warm or cool mist.

2. Lower water temperature

Of course we automatically feel the special need to increase the number of hot showers and baths in the winter. However try not to have them too often and only use lukewarm water when washing your face as – yes, you guessed right: hot water will dehydrate our skin additionally.

3. Drink, drink and drink (…water!)

While drinking more water in the summer comes more natural, we should actually keep this routine up in the winter. Keeping our skin hydrated from the inside is just as important as from the outside.

4. Exfoliate

As the outer layer of our skin thickens in the winter, it is important to exfoliate once a week to get rid of the dead skin cells to allow the active ingredients of our skincare to penetrate better and to prevent breakouts. However if you suffer from extremely dry skin you absolutely have to avoid this step as you may end up irritating your skin.

5. (and here comes the most important step of all): Adapt your skincare!

In the summer our moisturizer should be lighter and contain more humectants (which attract water from the atmosphere and from the lower skin layers to moisturize the surface of the skin) than oily components as our skin produces more sebum. In the winter, however, when both the sebum concentration and the skin moisture level are low we need to supply the skin with more emollients and occlusives (in the form of natural lipids and oils) to keep the skin barrier intact and to slow down moisture evaporation or in more complicated terms: transepidermal waterloss.

cavance product ingredients

Add a high grade face oil

You don’t have to change your moisturizer or anti-aging cream. Just add a high-grade face oil suitable for dry skin. Do not compromise when it comes to choosing the right oils for your facial skin. Just like active ingredients, oils have different properties and qualities. They vary in contents of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. (Try our STRUCTURE-SENTIENT ELIXIR that combines Moroccan argan oil, sweet almond oil, apricot oil and pomegranate extract in one product) Make sure you choose an oil that is rich in oleic, linoleic and Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals all of which are important for sensitive skin. Apply 2-3 drops of your face oil after applying the moisturizer in the morning and in the evening to lock in the moisture. If you feel that your body skin is also in need of some extra care, just add a little oil after putting on your lotion.

Instead of adding a facial oil I decided to change from the light anti-aging cream I used during the summer (STRUCTURE-RESPONSE SENSITIVESUPPORT) to an anti-aging cream that contains a higher amount of natural high-grade oils and lipids as well as more anti-aging ingredients such as tripeptides and amino acids (STRUCTURE-RESPONSE DAYCREAM).

With these slight adjustments to our skincare routine we can comfortably sport the happy and confident party look. 😉


CAVANCE is a luxury skincare range, dedicated to delicate skin. All products are emulsifier free with the perfect blend between nature and cosmetic science....

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