SOS Facial Cure For The Winter Season

Hello Ladies,

Is your December also filled with lovely events and gatherings that naturally involve eating and drinking more than the usual? Being of German descent, my inherent desire for cozy Christmas markets and Glühwein certainly doesn’t help to balance things out. While my winter skin routine (check out my winter skin blog) helps to compensate the dry weather conditions and prepares the skin for the festive season, we may need more than just a little help to reinvigorate on some occasion(s). 

Try this fantastic alternating hot and cold face bath followed by a natural day makeup presented by (professional makeup artist) Jennifer Jane that will leave you looking and feeling better. Cheer up! Together we can beat this!

STEP 1 - counteract facial swelling and increase blood-flow

Heat water in a kettle to 80-100°C and fill up a small ceramic bowl to keep the heat as long as possible. Add 2 bags of Green Tea, let it steep for 10 minutes. This way we make sure that the tea contains as much of the powerful antioxidant EGCG as possible to fight free radicals in the skin and to help cell regeneration. The long steeping time also ensures that the solution contains more tanning agent which helps fight inflammation and reduces the pore size as well as the sebum production.

The water still has to be slightly hot when you take it to the bathroom. Fill the bathroom sink with very cold water. You may even add some ice cubes. Put a washcloth into the tea solution, rinse and put it onto your face for 30 seconds, then immediately dip your face into the cold water for 30 seconds. Repeat this alternating bath 3 – 4 times. Make sure to end with a rinse of cold water. This alternating bath increases the blood-flow and fights facial swelling. Finish off by applying your moisturizer. (See our DayCream and Sensitive Support) Your skin immediately looks reenergized – while your body is lagging behind. If you’re really brave you can also take an alternating shower – starting with warm water and ending with cold water. I have to feel very bad though, until I dare have one of those!

STEP 2 – natural every day makeup by jennifer jane

Get inspired by internationally acclaimed hair and makeup artist Jennifer Jane on how to achieve a natural everyday look after a night out. I am a huge fan of her charismatic and informative tutorials!

See more from Jennifer Jane on her fantastic blog >>


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