Structure-Response Sensitive Cream

105.00 incl. IVA

This light-textured cream was developed for the special needs of sensitive skin. The Structure-Response Matrix supports the skin’s barrier function while high-grade argan and rose oil, Panthenol and Bisabolol balance and calm the skin. Hyaluronic acid increases the skin moisture and promotes elasticity and firmness and acts against premature aging. The soft rose scent harmonizes your senses.

50 ml, net w 1,7 fl. oz.

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Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, Damask Rose Oil, Jojoba Oil, Alpha-Bisabolol, Pommegranate Seed Extract, Panthenol, Phytoglycerin, Phytosqualane, Gromwell Root Extract, Structure-Response Matrix
Product number: CS000004-001
Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 7 cm