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Structure-Response DayCream

The skin serves as our barrier to the environment. Aside from its protective function it takes part in different metabolic processes. Therefore, an intact barrier is crucial. The Structure Response Daycream mimics the structure of the skin’s natural lipid barrier. The combination of a tripeptide and amino acids compensates collagen and elastin deficiencies. Hyaluronic acid maintains and regenerates the skin’s moisturisation. High-grade oils from the Moroccan argania, pomegranate and jojoba support the anti-aging effects of this luxurious silky cream. Finest rose oil stimulates your senses.

pot of Cavance Nightcream

Structure-Response NightCream

At night our skin calls for special attention in order to regenerate itself properly. The Structure-Response NightCream supports the skin’s natural regeneration with a high content of the valuable CAVANCE elements. An effective active complex of carnosine, milk thistle and a tripeptide protects the structure proteins and helps maintain the skin’s firmness. The rich and silky texture of this luxurious formulation helps the skin regenerate in your sleep. You will see the convincing results in the morning.

Structure-Response SensitiveSupport

This light-textured cream was developed for the special needs of sensitive skin. The Structure-Response Matrix™ supports the skin’s barrier function while high-grade argan and rose oil, Panthenol and Bisabolol balance and calm the skin. Hyaluronic acid increases the skin moisture and promotes elasticity and firmness and acts against premature aging. The soft rose scent harmonizes your senses.

Cavance sensitive support cream
Cavance eyecare cream in black pot

Structure-Response EyeCare Cream

The skin around the eyes is delicate and succeptible to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. This is why it deserves extra attention in skin care routines. The Structure-Response EyeCareCream contains a highly effective combination of the CAVANCE elements and hyaluronic acid to strengthen the skin, to improve the elasticity and to restore the moisture level. Caffeine enhances the cells’ oxygen uptake, leading to an improved penetration of the contained peptides that act against under eye puffiness.

Structure-Response BodyCream

This silky smooth cream with its high-grade oils not only invigorates your body and mind but it successfully changes the appearance of the skin. The natural active complex containing Centella Asiatica, Carnitine, Caffeine and butcher’s broom cleanses the tissue and promotes the skin elasticity. After only a short-term use the skin appears smoother and firmer. The Structure-Response Matrix and aloe vera balance the moisture contents of the skin.

Cavance skincare bodycream
Cavance structure sentient elixir

Structure-Sentient Elixir

This valuable elixir is rich in high-grade argan oil. Together with the rose, pomegranate and apricot oils it protects the face and the decollete from oxidative stress and promotes the repair of damaged skin cells. It visibly reduces the signs of skin aging. The light and silky Structure-Sentient Elixir can perfectly be used together with the Structure-Response NightCream or in case of younger skin by itself instead of a night cream.

Structure-Response CleansingFluid

Due to the Structure-Response Matrix the CleansingFluid is an emulsifier-free cleansing lotion that prepares the skin for the subsequent application. High-grade argan oil nourishes the skin while liquorice root and witch hazel extracts calm the skin. For optimal cleansing results (i.e. after wearing foundation) it should be followed by the clarifying Structure-Sentient Tonic. 

bottle of Cavance cleansing fluid
bottle of cavance structure sentient tonic

Structure-Sentient Tonic

This cleansing tonic should be used following the Structure-Response CleansingFluid. While thoroughly cleansing the skin papaya fruit extract helps restore the skin moisture.  and liquorice root extracts balance and calm the skin.