What our wonderful clients have to say...

Since using Cavance, I have noticed a huge change in my skin and how it behaves. What I have noticed the most is how plump and hydrated my skin looks and fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced. The eye cream and serum are definitely my hero products!

Anoushka Urban

Air Hostess & Beauty blogger

I was recently introduced to Cavance by a friend and I have been using the day cream for five weeks. During this time I have noticed a huge difference in the hydration of my skin and a calming down of overall sensitivities in certain areas of my face which were causing redness. The product glides on beautifully, soaks into the skin enough but not too much, and is suitable to apply make-up to straight after. The aroma of the product is subtle but luxurious with a hint of rose. If I had to give a star rating for Cavance out of five, it would be a five. I am delighted with my newly hydrated and nourished skin! Thank you.

PS – The packaging is fantastic too!

Lucy Hannigan

Executive Assistant

cavance client smiling with white golden retriever

I sometimes suffer from dry and flaky facial skin and cannot just use any cream. However I love this product. The cream is absorbed very quickly. After 5 minutes I am able to apply my foundation. My skin feels fantastic as it is very soft and gentle. You just feel fresh. It smells pleasant and is also very rich – you only need a small amount. I can only recommend this product.

Kathrin Jerichow

Occupational Therapist

Structure-Response SensitiveSupport is my personal favorite among all skin care products. I have very dry flaky skin. I was diagnosed with Rosacea  a while ago. I have tried various skin creams! Then I discovered Cavance and the first time I applied the cream, I was literally waiting for a negative skin reaction. But to my big surprise the opposite happened. My skin felt amazing from the first application. Since then, I have used the cream daily and I no longer have small pimples or flaky spots. This product lives up to its promise and makes me feel good. I stick to it and can only recommend it to people with skin problems who have tried many expensive creams. It is worth spending a little more on the ingredients to achieve a sensible skin appearance.

Linda Bunjes


I have been using the CAVANCE products for about 3 weeks now. And what can I say? I’m excited. The Structure Response Cleansing Fluid feels wonderful on my skin. The tonic is refreshing and gives my skin a nice, clean feeling. Then I use the Structure Response Elixir, which feels like silk and gives it a certain firmness. During the day I use the Day Cream, which feels so light and is just perfect for my sensitive skin. The Night Cream is richer but still feels very light and pleasant on the skin. The eye care cream is fantastic, it does not sting your eyes and hydrates the dry areas around the eyes. To make a long story short: I am excited about the CAVANCE products.

Karin Gritzmacher

Restaurant Owner