Most frequent questions and answers

CAVANCE is a luxury personal care line that mainly contains natural ingredients. The few synthetic ingredients were specifically chosen because they show both an excellent efficacy and tolerance and there is no better natural substitute with the same efficacy.

CAVANCE Rose d’Argan is free of:
Paraffin oils
Artificial fragrances

Emulsifiers and surfactants are used to mix hydrophilic (watery) and lipophilic (oily) ingredients that actually are immiscible. They tend to abrade the skin, making it penetrable for pollutants. For that reason we made it our mission not to use emulsifiers and surfactants. The whole range is aimed at restructuring and strengthening the skin to protect it from outside influences.

Neither have any of the products been tested on animals nor will they be. CAVANCE is strictly against animal testing!

Unfortunately both glass and plastic have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to ecological damage. We have decided on violet glass as it is 100 % recyclable. Glass hardly looses quality when recycled and glass is chemically inert, meaning no undesired plasticisers get into the formulation. Furthermore, violet glass has the special ability to protect the contents from light and light-induced degradation. And should it unfortunately end up in the sea it will eventually turn into sand.

We accept sealed, unopened, unused products in the original packaging within a period of 30 days after purchase.