Luxurious Range Of Emulsifier free creams

do you struggle to find the right cream for your sensitive skin?

CAVANCE Rose D’Argan is an exclusive line of highly effective, emulsifier free skin care products. It contains nature’s most exclusive essences and is produced according to the highest technological standards. Providing the perfect balance between science and nature. It’s time to invest in what you put INTO your skin – not just what you wear over it.

lady applying cavance skincare products to face, looking in mirror
bottle of cavance structure sentient tonic

structure-sentient tonic

container of cavance daycream closed

structure-response daycream

bottle of Cavance cleansing fluid

structure-response cleansing fluid

Cavance eyecare cream in black pot

structure-response eyecare cream

the perfect balance between nature and cosmetic science


get the healthy, glowing skin you've always wanted

WHAT MAKES OUr products special

For delicate skin

An exclusive skincare concept dedicated to delicate skin​

structure enhancing

Enhances the structure and appearance of your skin within a short time

Emulsifier free

All products are emulsifier-free and strengthen the skin with each application

structure-response matrix

Contains the Structure-Response Matrix technology


Our products contain some of the best researched anti-aging actives

natural formulas

Uniquely light and soft natural formulas

sensitive skin

All products are suitable for sensitive skin

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what our clients say:

Sarah Teichmüller, Owner of Cavance

In the many years that I’ve worked in the development and marketing of cosmetic actives I’ve had the pleasure of diving into the complex world of cosmetic science. I’ve developed a great passion for that field which made me want to create my own skin care line. One that is entirely built on my philosophy: as natural as possible, as scientific as necessary. The line combines the best of nature and cosmetic science respectively. CAVANCE Rose d’Argan is an accomplished composition of cosmetic sophistication, nature and timeless elegance.

Sarah Teichmüller, Owner

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