How is CAVANCE Skincare different?

  • Enhances the structure and appearance of your skin
  • An exclusive skincare concept dedicated to delicate skin
  • All products are emulsifier-free and strengthen the skin with each application
  • It contains the *Structure-Response Matrix technology
  • The products contain some of the best researched anti-aging actives
  • Uniquely light and soft natural formulas
  • All products are suitable for sensitive skin

*Structure-Response Matrix is a natural composition of skin-identical lipids that replace emulsifier

CAVANCE Rose D’Argan is an exclusive line of highly effective skin care products. It contains nature’s most exclusive essences and is produced according to the highest technological standards. 

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CAVANCE Rose d’Argan relies on the Structure-Response Matrix, a technology that protects your skin from outside influences. The unique combination of carefully selected active ingredients with the finest oils of the Moroccan argan tree and the damask rose meets the highest skin care standards of sensitive and demanding skin. CAVANCE Rose d’Argan reduces negative effects resulting from climate changes and environmental stress and visibly reduces the signs of skin-aging. While supplying intense moisture it will leave your skin looking supple and radiant. Welcome to the world of CAVANCE!

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Delighted with my newly hydrated and nourished skin!


I was recently introduced to Cavance by a friend and I have been using the day cream for five weeks. During this time I have noticed a huge difference in the hydration of my skin and a calming down of overall sensitivities in certain areas of my face which were causing redness. The product glides on beautifully, soaks into the skin enough but not too much, and is suitable to apply make-up to straight after. The aroma of the product is subtle but luxurious with a hint of rose. If I had to give a star rating for Cavance out of five, it would be a five. I am delighted with my newly hydrated and nourished skin! Thank you.

Lucy Hannigan

Structure-Response DayCream

The skin serves as our barrier to the environment. Aside from its protective function it takes part in different metabolic processes. Therefore, an intact barrier is crucial. The Structure Response Daycream mimics the structure of the skin’s natural lipid barrier. The combination of a tripeptide and amino acids compensates collagen and elastin deficiencies. Hyaluronic acid maintains and regenerates the skin’s moisturisation. High-grade oils from the Moroccan argania, pomegranate and jojoba support the anti-aging effects of this luxurious silky cream. Finest rose oil stimulates your senses.

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